Technology Partner & Leadership Coach

for Credit Unions and their Technology Providers

Looking Glass Consulting

Looking Glass Consulting helps connect credit unions, FinTechs, and vendors in order to create dynamic member experiences and competitive advantages that drive success.

Belinda Caillouet spent 31 years as the COO/CIO of a progressive $2.8 billion dollar credit union before starting Looking Glass Consulting in 2018. During her time at the credit union she gained a deep operational and technical knowledge, while driving the member experience.  She builds strong teams, leading and inspiring employees, and challenging them to reach their full potential.

Belinda mentors and advises technology startups in the Spokane area and around the country; helping them with product development and enhancements, pricing models, understanding what is important to the industry, and introducing them to opportunities that get them in front of credit unions.  

A passionate leadership coach, Belinda has been fortunate to work with many credit union leaders and teams over the years. One tool in Belinda’s arsenal is the Enneagram of Personality. She loves to use the Enneagram to help leaders recognize who they are and how they operate in the world. As an Enneagram Type Seven: “Enthusiastic Visionary”, she is future-focused, active, and positive in her approach to life; and she’d love to work with your team to help you achieve your goals.

Technology Consulting and Leadership Coaching