Trusted Technology Partner

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is equivalent to magic.” Sir Arthur C. Clarke


Looking Glass Consulting is an innovative technology partner that helps connect credit unions, progressive FinTechs, and established vendors in order to create a dynamic member experience and competitive advantage that drives success.

As the physical and digital worlds continue their convergence, consumer behavior and expectations continue to change. To compete and win in this new market, credit unions need to stay on top of new technology; creating and delivering a unique member experience that drives value and allows members and employees to experience the future of financial services.

Through the use of business intelligence, artificial intelligence, and automation, credit unions can reinvent processes, enhance products, and streamline delivery to increase member engagement. Making digital a competitive advantage for a credit union is achievable, but will require a sizeable investment both financially and in resources, as well as a shift in culture.

Why Looking Glass Consulting?

Looking Glass Consulting continues to identify and leverage key partnerships to help credit unions create the next generation of member value; collaborating with top-tier technology partners and FinTechs to help design personalized, data-driven, digital solutions that engage members, deepen relationships, and advance their strategic plans.

Looking Glass Consulting can help your credit union on its digital journey, introduce FinTechs to the credit union industry, and be a resource for technology projects.

For Credit Unions


  • Strategy: Create a digital strategy and technology business plan
  • Request for Proposal (RFP):  Lead the evaluation of a new CORE processor, deposit origination, loan origination, etc.
  • Project Leadership: Drive cross-functional collaboration for strategic initiatives focusing on the digital member experience (analytics, online, mobile and conversational channels, video chat, etc.)
  • Vendor Alignment: Create tighter strategic alignment with enterprise technology partnering through collaboration, road-maps, scorecard, and accountability measurement.
  • Advisory Services: Research and deliver innovative solutions that creates a competitive advantage.
  • Executive Coaching: Partner with the executive team to increase business value and drive success

For FinTechs & Technology Partners


  • Credit Union Insight: Provide insight on how best to deliver value to credit unions.
  • Product Development: Assisting in product development through participating as the voice of the credit union executive.
  • Market Entrance: Help with connections to the credit union marketplace.
  • Project Resource: Become a resource for project implementations.

Belinda Caillouet spent 31 years as the COO/CIO of a progressive $2.8 billion dollar credit union before starting Looking Glass Consulting. She’s worked with FinTechs across the country, helping them bring their products to the credit unions industry. She cares deeply about the credit union mission, and with her operational and technical knowledge, she works to help them compete in the markets of the future.



“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Belinda on the CUNA Technology Council, and in various other industry formats. She’s a remarkable individual with deep technical expertise, balanced by superb culture and coaching skills. This combination has served her well in building and leading high performing teams.” ~Mike Atkins - CEO with Open Technology Solutions, LLC


"Working with Belinda was great. She really understands the importance of introducing innovative technologies to credit unions, but more importantly, how to introduce these technologies. Throughout our entire sales cycle she was honest, supportive, and worked with us to reach a deal that benefited all parties. I couldn’t think of a better advocate to have if you’re trying to reach credit unions."  ~Keith Armstrong -  Chief Marketing Officer with

"I've known Belinda ever since she led the way by becoming Alkami's first credit union client. She's always had a passion for the credit union industry and movement as well as a deep understanding of the critical role that technology plays in ensuring they are successful.  Belinda is known for bringing balance and empathy to vendor relationships and the leadership team that interacts with them.  She's both a visionary and pragmatist, always thinking about the future with an understanding of the complexities and challenges involved in getting there." ~Stephen Bohanon - Founder, Chief Strategy & Sales Officer - Alkami Technology